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Cuccio Veneer No Cleanse Top Coat 0.44 oz CCGT1072/99486

SKU: NE-CGC-99486-0D4



Universal "No Cleanse" UV / LED hardened topcoat for a very bright, durable and shiny finish, no need to wipe after curing! Suitable for use with soft gels & gel polishes, hard building gels, dipping powders and acrylics - does not crack, microcrack or appear. Lasts nail bright and wonderfully shiny for several weeks. UV + LED hardened.

Extremely versatile, durable, bright and shiny UV / LED Top Coat. Does not leave a sticky surface, for example no need to wipe after curing. Provides a durable, flexible coating that adapts to nail movements, ensuring perfect shine and durability. Does not crack, microcrack, turn yellow or appear.

Suitable for use as a No Cleanse Top Coat:

  • With Cuccio Veneer and other Soak-off gels (including Brush-On Builder gels)
  • With acrylics and hard building gels
  • Powder Polish Dipping system with dipping powders
  • With all Cuccio products

Cuccio Veneer No Cleanse Top Coat is a high-quality sealer developed for professional use for all gel polish, gel, acrylic and dipping powder methods.


  • Very shiny and durable result
  • No micro-cracking, yellowing or premature shedding
  • Well Cleanse - no need to wipe after curing
  • Stabilized composition - does not evaporate or thicken during use
  • Does not become cloudy
  • Incredible persistence, hold on as long as you want
  • Flexible and nail-strengthening composition
  • Strengthens natural nails and helps nails stay healthy
  • Cures perfectly in UV and LED light; LED 1 minute, UV 2 minutes
  • The brush, made of special DuPont fiber, guarantees perfect applicability
  • Does not contain volatile ingredients (not nail polish based)
  • Easy to remove with gentle Veneer Remover
  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty-Free / PETA Approved Global Animal Test Policy
  • 12-Free *
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