E-File (Electric Nail Drill)

About E-File

E-file is a short word for electric nail drill. It's an equipment to help you make thick nails thinner in just a few seconds. It also can help file rough uneven nail surface to a smoother and even surface. For beginners, we recommend choosing one of our top nail drills brands like Kupa or Pro Power. The sound these professional nail drill make is minimal and the high quality of craftsmanship helps it outlasts most drill brands on the market!

Why Salons Use E-Files?

Salons always look forward to speed up their nail service to generate more revenue, quality electric nail drill is one of the equipment that help you accomplish your nail service faster. E-file has become a must-have tool for every salon and nail artists. 

E-File Equipment, Bits & Accessories

Find quality electric nail drills from top brands in this category. We stock alternative and affordable e-files for entry-level nail tech to high-end nail drills that withstand extremely high usage of a busy salon. You will definitely need some e-file carbide and bits too, with more than 550 options, find the type, shape and grit you need for your nail application.

E-File Education & Resources

Learn how to use e-file properly and efficiently like a pro with Magic Gel Electric Nail Drill Class

Learn about the traditional nail files, nail buffers and the differences between them.

Product review and comparison on the Kupa passport cordless E-file by Sarah's Nail Secrets

E-File Electric Nail Drill  Machine Set For Manicure and Pedicure

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