E-File (Electric Nail Drill)

We stock a great line of nail drills from top name brands to an alternative affordable line for all levels of nail techs: from entry-level to high-end workhorse nail drills for a busy nail salon that withstand extreme usage easily.

E-file is a must-have tool for salons and nail art enthusiast

Every salon Looking to speed up your nail services, the best way is to learn how to use an electric nail drill. These nail drill can help you thin out thick nails to thin nails in minutes. It also can help file rough uneven nail surface to a much smoother and even surface. If you have the budget, we recommend that you should choose one of our top nail drills brands like Kupa or Pro Power. These professional nail drill brands have very little vibration when holding it, the sound it makes is minimal and the high quality of craftsmanship helps it outlast most drill brands on the market!

E-File Electric Nail Drill  Machine Set For Manicure and Pedicure

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