Nail Career Education Workshops And Beauty Training Classes

Education And Certifications For Professionals In The Beauty Industry

At Nails R Us, the promise is to empower you to create gorgeous, healthy nails in a professional and relaxed environment. You will discover every phase of nail application, system, sanitation, the importance of attitude and ambiance, and the latest in nail trends. You will be led in your journey to becoming a nail professional with an extraordinary and bright career.

We offer on-going certificate courses that would keep professionals trained and motivated with the passion for growing your business even more. All classes are taught at our Mississauga Showroom. We like to keep everything under one roof so that we pay close attention to each trainer and student.

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Why Nails And Beauty Education Classes?

Learning as a process is never-ending. With new information, discoveries and innovations flooding the market space every day, learning and adoption of more modern techniques is always ongoing. If you are in the business of beauty and have a tinkering towards further nail education, you have the right attitude. In the beauty industry there is never a limit to how much one can learn, not only are there numerous skill and techniques to master but the industry is continuously seeing improvements, upgrades and changes in the market. Keep yourself updated with today's trends, products and technologies when you attend education courses taught by highly qualified instructors. 

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About our Nails Career Education

The instructors of the Nail Career Education Classes can take lessons for you if you're practicing nail and beautification, they have ample knowledge to pass down, but if you do not have the time or means to train your staff, we can do that for you. Every spa or salon requires well educated, and efficient employees and you experts can bring your team up to a level that can rival any of your competitors.

All you need to know About Our Nail Career Education and Aesthetic Workshops

We offer on-going certificate courses that would keep your staff trained and motivated with the tools and passion for growing your business even more. All classes are taught at our Mississauga location; we like to keep everything under one roof so that we can pay close attention to each trainer and trainee. Ensure that you have all the required information for all of our classes, to do so stay up-to-date on scheduled courses by filling out this application form. 

New Class Announcements

You can also keep track of the upcoming classes by following us on Facebook and keeping an eye on the weekly newsletter, to make sure not to miss out on new education announcements!

Who Can Join Nail Classes?

As mentioned earlier our classes are for those already practicing in the industry, it is for skill and knowledge enhancement, and that is why our education courses are available to professionals in the nail & aesthetic & spa industry only. Classes are not recommended for beginners just starting out, but rather for those with some essential professional knowledge/experience. We suggest having some amount of prior knowledge in the sphere as each class is of limited time.  Should you be unable to pass a course, you will need to pay the class registration fee each time you retake the class to become certified. We also incur a minimal $50 fee for last-minute cancellations. For hands-on classes, we cannot accommodate models due to the lack of available classroom space. For nail classes we follow a system that is fun and interactive, students work on each other, therefore, please have one hand with natural nails. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions and queries that you may have.

Aesthetic and nail technician students holding certificates in mississauga after class

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