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Beauty Education

Why Beauty Education?

Beauty brands aim to empower and teach students how to perform various therapies and activities in a professional and relaxed environment with the guidance of trained, licensed instructors. Students can discover and learn a wide range of different beauty classes, from a waxing seminar to an electric nail drill advanced course and everything in between. Each class of our beauty schools is taught and conducted by a trained professional to assist and guide you throughout your learning stages, exam, and certificate.

Our Classes

Here's a list of the education classes we continuously replicated every year:


Our beauty education is for those already practicing in the industry for skill and knowledge enhancement. Our education programs are only available to aesthetics, nail technician, beauty specialists, and salon and spa professionals. Classes are not recommended for beginners but for those with some essential professional knowledge/experience. We suggest having some prior knowledge in the sphere as each course is of limited time. Uniquely, We offer  if the student has no previous knowledge.

Learning Process

Most classes and workshops take place at Nails R Us showroom in Mississauga. We provide a productive, friendly learning environment. Due to the lack of available classroom space, we cannot accommodate models for hands-on courses. Students can perform applications on each other for a collaborative, friendly experience, as this will let them get to know each other and allow them to collaborate and help each other during the learning process. Our webinars are conducted online by certified instructors hosted by brand companies. Information on how to join these online webinars will be provided upon registration. The instructors of the education classes can take lessons for you if you're practicing nail art and beauty. They have ample knowledge to pass down, but if you do not have the time or means to train your staff, we can do that for you. Every spa or salon in Canada requires well-educated and efficient employees, and your experts can bring your team up to a level that can rival any of your competitors.

Program Benefits

Everyone attending these workshops has a similar goal: to learn, and working with each other can help everyone involved learn skills and get the certification. Therefore, when attending a nail workshop, please have one hand with all-natural colored nails so that other students can efficiently work on them. Discover the benefits of our education classes and webinars. Attending education courses taught by highly qualified instructors will keep you updated with new products, technologies, and trends.

Two beauty professionals holding an education certification

Nail technician students holding their certificates after passing the exam

Hair Removal education class hosted by Caronlab

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