Tokyo Collection

OPI Presents the Tokyo Collection

Tokyo is known for being on the forefront of nail trends -- a perfect fit for OPI, where we don’t follow the trends but set them..In this collection, we are revisiting the 80s and 90s, with pop colours that we’ve given a modern twist, taking inspiration from the famous Harajuku neighbourhood. Tokyo brings so much life to this collection, from its eclectic fashion, vibrant nightlife and world-renowned cuisine to the rich traditions including matcha tea ceremonies and zen gardens. Tokyo is home to some of the most amazing nail art in the world, which is why we wanted to offer six additional shades that are perfect for creating a variety of unique looks,” remarks Weiss-Fischmann. “Personally, I love This Shade is Blossom, which is a pink lacquer packed with large, pearly-gold glitter particles that evoke cherry blossoms! When it comes to nail art, we always encourage women to have fun, and these playful glitters are ideal for doing just that.”  - OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.

Welcome to Tokyo. This vibrant and dynamic city is the inspiration for our Spring 2019 collection because of its endless energy and creativity, truly a hub where trends are born. The old and new meet face to face in this fashion-forward destination. To gain inspiration for these vibrant new shades, we searched high and low for the city’s highlights with the nail colour to match. Here are a few of our highlights, so get ready to say “Kanpai OPI” (yes, that may be a hot new purple shade). Now that you have the full story behind each of our new #OPITokyo shades, you’re ready to get out there and explore! Read some of our other vacation guides inspired by our collections, and don’t forget to share snaps of your nails all decked up in #OPITokyo on social media. 

We hope you and your clients feel extra ‘kawaii’. Use this guide to give your clients nail art that will immediately make them #OPIObsessed. Don’t forget to tag the incredible art you made with #OPITokyo on our OPI social channels. 

Tokyo Collection Features 12 New Permanent Shades Available In: 

  • Gelcolor
  • Infinite Shine
  • Nail Lacquer

The colours in this collection are:

  • Rice Rice Baby
  • Another Ramen-tic Evening
  • Arigato From Tokyo
  • Hurry-juku Get This Color
  • All Your Dreams in Vending Machines
  • Samurai Breaks a Nail
  • How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?
  • I’m on a Sushi Roll
  • Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san
  • Tempura-ture is Rising!
  • Kanpai OPI!
  • Chopstix and Stones


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