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Secondary Numb Numbing Gel 1.1 fl oz/31.18g 62230




Secondary Numb is a water-based, fast-acting gel used for consistent numbing and reducing swelling and blood in cosmetic procedures. 

The formulation does not contain any animal byproducts. pH: 6.0 - matches the natural pH of the skin, reducing skin reactions. 

The numbing gel does not affect ink settlement or healing of the microblading or lip liner procedures. It does not make the skin rubbery or tough after application. 

It is the only gel that is FDA Compliant and Health Canada Certified. It can be applied multiple times during the procedure to ensure the proper amount of numbing and bleeding cessation. It can be kept at room temperature and does not require any special storage.




Step 1: Disinfect and Exfoliate those brows - With an alcohol swab scrub the brows vigorously to clear out dirt, and debris from the pores. The harder you scrub the faster more effective numbing you will receive

Step 2: Apply the first layer of Secondary Numb to completely cover the brows. 

Step 3: Firmly but gently press down on the entire brow with your microblade to disrupt that first layer of skin and achieve rapid numbing. 

Step 4: Apply a second layer of gel to fill in those micro holes and wait 3-10 minutes for numbing to take place. 

Step 5: Begin Microblading

Step 6: Throughout the procedure, you may apply secondary numb to control pain, swelling, or bleeding

Step 7: Apply one more final layer of Secondary numb to take the perfect after-procedure photos. 


STEP 1: Apply a thick layer of secondary numb to the lips

STEP 2: Wait 1-3 minutes for numbing (numbing is rapid on the lips due to moisture and thin skin)

STEP 3: Begin your procedure.

STEP 4: Apply more Secondary Numbing gel as needed to control swelling and pain.



Medicinal Ingredients: Lidocaine (Anesthetic), Phenylephrine (VasoConstrictor)

Lidocaine 5%: Maximum allowable lidocaine concentration under the FDA and Health Canada. Other competitors only have 4%. Fastest working, Safest, Anesthetic on the market. Absorbs quickly and is eliminated quickly to lessen the chances of side effects

Phenylephrine .25%: Powerful Vasoconstrictor that constricts blood vessels reducing bleeding and swelling throughout the procedure. Much more stable than its counterpart epinephrine which is found in all the competitors. Secondary Numb does not have that issue since we use phenylephrine so the expiry is still 2 years even when the product is open. Stays effective for longer saving microbladers money from not wasting expired product

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