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U-Tools Ingrown Toenail Nipper model PODO 30 -18mm Jaw #251




Special designed Ingrown Toenail Nipper with manually sharpened long narrow 18 mm jaw and smooth spring.

This model is designed with a special narrowed and thin working part for accurate removal of ingrown and allows to reach deep areas of ingrown nails painlessly.

Special finger grooves on the handle ensure comfortable, reliable grip and maximum comfort during work.

Each Ingrown Toenail Nipper is made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel with manual multi-level sharpening and a hand–assembled joint ensuring long-lasting sharpness of the instrument.

The thin and narrow working part, due to this, the blades are quite fragile, therefore recommended work with a softened nail plate.

Ingrown Toenail Nipper withstands repeated sterilization without rusting or corroding. It can be chemically sterilized or autoclaved without any damage.

Designed for the treatment of ingrown nails.

Length — 135 mm; handles — 90 mm; jaw — 18 mm.

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