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Nordic Care Trio Pack 3oz NC-310


This Package Includes: Quantity:
Nordic Care Foot Care Cream 3 floz / 90ml NC-1302 01302 SBPED01302003 1
Nordic Care Skin Conditioner 3 floz / 90ml NC-1305 01305 SBPED01305003 1
Nordic Care Hand Cream 3 floz / 90ml NC-303 00303 SBLOT00303003 1



Moisturizers for your hands, feet and body.

  • FOOT CARE CREAM: The Swedish Foot Care Cream is extremely effective in the control of dry skin and cracked heels. It combines the skin’s own natural moisturizer, Urea with the water-binding properties of Lactic Acid and Glycerin to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Excellent for softening and reducing the appearance of calluses and soothing the uncomfortable itch associated with dry skin. Antiseptic and soothing Eucalyptus Oil provides a subtle, natural fragrance. Hypoallergenic and Lanolin-free… Safe for Diabetics.
  • HAND CREAM: This emulsion is enriched with natural oils and hydrating ingredients to help skin retain moisture to prevent dry and chapped hands. It absorbs fast leaving a long-lasting feel of soft hands. Vitamin A and E protect from damaging elements while Nordic extracts help maintain healthy skin.
  • SKIN CONDITIONER: Nordic Care Skin conditioner is a full body moisturizer that nourishes and hydrates dry skin. As one of Nordic Care's most popular dry skin products, the Skin Conditioner, it combines Urea, Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil to help retain moisture and to replenish the skin. It forms a hydrating barrier leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Healing properties of Allantoin repairs damaged skin while natural Scandinavian extracts protect, balance and restore skin to a healthy condition.
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