Allpresan PRO Footcare Healthy Nails Tincture 50 ml, 55181

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Allpresan Pro Footcare Healthy Nail Tincture 50 ml

Proper foot care is an uncommon practice, even though the skin on the feet is particularly sensitive and vulnerable. The most frequently encountered problem is dry, chapped skin, but increased sweating and brittle nails can also present a problem for the feet.

Allpresan Pro Footcare Healthy Nail Tincture is ideal for gel nail and other nail enhancement users. It provides daily maintenance for restoring dry, brittle nails. It ensures the nailbeds get the vital minerals needed for growth and vitality. Biotin and bamboo strengthen and mineralize the nail plate and supports the growth of healthier more beautiful nails.

Allpresan PRO Footcare is the only Foot Care company that combines the innovative, patented LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology and the proven BarriorExpert® Foam Cream Technology.

Ingredients: bamboo extract, biotin, Panthenol

Product Features

  • Piroctone Olamine which helps to keep a hygienic environment.
  • Biotin & Bamboo extract that strengthens and mineralize the nail plate and supports its regeneration.
  • Panthenol which moisturizes the nail plate.



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