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Magic Avanced Brush Set 5 Brushes 36776


This Package Includes: Quantity:
Magic Brush - Flawless Sculpting #6 - 36771 BRGEBGI907EAC 1
Magic Brush Perfect Dot #PD00 - 36774 BRGEB00DOTEAC 1
Magic Brush Calligraphy Art #CA2 / 36775 BRGEB2CALLEAC 1
Magic Brush Stunning Flowers #2 - 36772 BRGEB2STUNEAC 1
Magic Brush Abstract Fantasy #AF3 36773 BRGEB36773EAC 1
KIT (1)



Express your passion and artistry with the new set of advanced brushes. Ergonomic handle makes your work easier and the non-slip clear coat ensures better handle grip in critical moments. High number of thin synthetic bristles make this brush easy to control and give you the results you want. Carries authentic Magic Gel hologram label that is present on all genuine Magic Gel Brush pouches.

Product Features

  • Thin bristles form a needle point at the tip of the brush, ensuring you get precise crisp lines.
  • All brushes come with ergonomic handles that vary in size depending on brush intended use.
  • With non-slipping clear coat you can be sure you will not lose the grip in the critical moment.
  • With the high number of soft thin synthetic bristles you will get the exceptional brush control and get the results you want.
  • Magic Gel System brushes will not flare, always giving you nice crisp lines.
  • High number of thin synthetic bristles let Magic Gels slide down the bristles to the tip of the brush, giving you a uniform, uninterrupted supply of gel to work with.

Set Contents

  • Flawless Sculpting #6
  • Abstract Fantasy #3
  • Calligraphy Art #2
  • Stunning Flowers #2
  • Perfect Dot #00



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