Chisel Dipping Powder & Nail Art

About Chisel Dipping System

Chisel Dip Powder is the professional's top choice for nail art, which allows you to create simple to complex ombre nail art design.

Chisel Dipping Powder Features

It allows you to match and pair different colors together to create a beautiful ombre look on nails with unlimited possibilities. It also allows nail artists to create unique designs when used with Chisel Nail Art 3D Stamps. Chisel Liquid products are preferred to use with Chisel application’s steps.

Chisel Powder Color Collections

Chisel powder colors are divided into 7 color collections Solid, Standard, Ombre, Metallic, Glow, Glitter, Candy,

How Apply Chisel Powder to Nails

First, base coat to nail bed to deliver the dipping powder a powerful foundation. Then, apply dipping powder by a manicure brush or by dipping fingers straight into the powder. Following, use a Chisel Nail Art Stamp to cut three-dimensional designs into the uncured dipping powder. Later, use the top coat to give the color dipping powder and rich and bright finish. Then, use activator to cure dipping powder and top coat. Use various colors and multiple stamps to create original stamped nail art that your clients will prefer.

More Chisel Resources:

Learn more the most about Chisel nail dipping from these two videos Chisel Dipping Powder Tutorial and Chisel 3D Stampings Nail Arts

Dip Powder Ombre Nail Tutorial with Chisel Dipping Powder

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Chisel Dipping Powder & Nail Art

An example of what you can do with Chisel Dipping Powder

Blue nails design with Chisel Dipping Powder

Nail design example showing mixed Chisel Dipping Powder Ombre colors.

Butterfly 3D Nail Art by Chisel Dipping Powder

This butterfly 3D Nail Art example is performed with Chisel Dipping Powder.

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