Voila 3C Intense 2 oz/60ml #SL12.23 Beige Iri.S.Blonde 12158


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Voila 3C Intense 60ml #SL12.23 Beige Iri.S.Blonde 12158

It is the family of Voilà 3C Intense superlighteners that naturally enhances blonde highlights while fully respecting the hair fiber. The 11 series lightens natural hair up to five levels, while the 12 series goes even further. Both must be emulsified with Voilà Bisabolol Cream Peroxide in the ratio 1:3 (30 ml of superlightener + 90 ml of oxidant). 12.0S is a lightening booster.

Voilà 3c Intense Is The System Of Color Of Beauty, With Over 90 Nuances, Based On Triple Technology

Color Symphony System

A Perfect Equilibrium Between Primary And Secondary Pigments That Assures Contemporary Intense Color, Multi-faceted Reflexes And Extraordinary Coverage And Hold.

Hydromix System

A Special Mix Of Conditioner, Hydrolyzed Keratin And Amino Acids For Absolute Color & Care.

Red Couple System

A Special Technology For Intense Reds & Coppers That Guarantees Intense Reflexes, Coverage And Longer Duration, Without The Need Of A Base Color. This Technology Allows Voilà 3c Intense To Offer Three Benefits: Coverage, Color, Care.

C 1 - Coverage – Seal Effect

The Low Molecular Weight Pigments Penetrate Deep Into The Cortex, Guaranteeing High Level Of Coverage And Resistance.

C 2 - Color – Symphony Effect

A Perfect Equilibrium Between The Primary And Secondary Pigments Acts On The Cuticle, Guaranteeing Vibrant & Multi-faceted Reflexes

C 3 - Care – Brilliant Effect

A Special Conditioner Acts On The Hair Shaft, Guaranteeing Maximum Care.

Voila' 3c Intense Features

  • Results Are As Real As The Color Chart Swatches
  • Delayed Oxidation
  • New Antioxidant & Pleasant Fragrance
  • Low Ammonia Concentration & Lower Ph Of Emulsion
  • Pearly Texture Of The Cream



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