IBX Advanced Certification (Online)

Ibx On-line Advanced Certification Course Education Class

Become a certified IBX technician and sharpen up your Nail Treatment skills.

Become a master IBX technician! In this two-hour certification course, you will become an expert on how IBX can Strengthen, Repair and Protect the natural nail whether under gel polish or just for plain natural nails!

2020 Online IBX Certification Course Class Information

  • Class Duration and Breakdown:
    • 2 hours and 30 minutes : IBX Certification Class
    • 1 hour and 30 minutes : IBX Boost Class
  • Class Admission Fee: The class is FREE of admission with the purchase of the IBX Starter Kit, which is required for the completion of this course. Extra goodies and content will also be provided inside your IBX Starter Kit for absolutely FREE!
  • Dates: TBA
  • Class Location: Online (You will be invited once you are registered for the course)

Here’s what to expect of this course (Benefits):

  • SCIENCE - An in-depth understanding of IBX STRENGTHEN and IBX REPAIR. Discover the science that makes IBX a game-changing product for weak and damaged nails.
  • HOW IBX WORKS - A full and thorough explanation of HOW and WHY IBX works inside the natural nail to Toughen that nail. Troubleshooting different kind of nail problems will be at the top of the list!
  • MARKETING - Marketing that will make IBX your new bestselling service. Through examples and strategy discussion, you’ll learn how to perfectly introduce IBX to your customers a gotta-have-it service.
  • CERTIFICATE - Your IBX Certificate! By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and savvy to pass the IBX Exam with flying colours.

Required Kit for Class

Purchase of the IBX Starter Kit is required for course registration.

IBX Starter Kit Contains:

  • 1 - IBX SYSTEM Duo Pack
  • 1 - IBX Boost Duo Pack
  • 1 - Dadi' Oil .5 fl oz
  • 6 - Dadi' Oil .125 fl oz
  • 2 - Cinnatize 1 fl oz samples
  • 1 – Luxury Dadi' Lotion 2 fl oz
  • 2-  Dadi' Scrub 1 oz samples
  • Marketing materials
  • Table Tent Card
  • Window Cling
  • Cinnatize Quick Reference Guide
  • Product Spotlights
  • Before/after Sheet                                                      
  • Look Book
  • IBX Quick Reference
  • IBX Boost Instructions

The class is FREE; all you need to do is buy the IBX Starter Kit! There will also be free goodies added to your IBX Starter Kit!

Course Resources

Below are links to additional resources and information that students can use during the course to help them learn about what they will learn during the duration of the course and information on products that may be used during the classes. Just click a link and either print or download the information.

Class Instructor

The course will be instructed by Linda Nordstrom, a CEO/expert trainer from Famous Names. 

Important Notice

Should you be unable to pass a class, you will need to pay the class registration fee each time you retake the class to become certified. There is a $50 fee for last-minute cancellations. For hands-on classes, we cannot accommodate models due to classroom space. For nail classes, students work on each other, therefore, please have one hand with natural nails.

The student is required to purchase the listed products to get enrolled in the respective education class and fill in the form at the bottom of this page as well. Also, When you place the order please mention in the comment section that you have purchased following products to get admission in the required class.

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