Electric Nail Drill Class

Magic Gel Nail Technician E-fill Certification Course Education Class

Learn how to use e-file properly and efficiently like a pro!

Since electric filing manicure is suitable for 99% of your clients, learning how to use the e-file properly saves you time and money. Additionally, mastering proper e-filing techniques saves your neck, shoulders, hands and wrists from the constant repetitive motion of hand filing. Combining e-filing and hand filing is your best option!

Purchasing or using an electric nail drill requires prior learning! Many Nail professionals only rely on a supplier's suggestion, but why not have the knowledge yourself?

This E-file course helps nail technicians to take care of the cuticle, sidewalls and nail plate in a quicker and safer way. You will also learn how to choose the right tool, when each file bit should be used, at what speed and angle.

Expert nail specialists and newbies will find this hands-on workshop useful. If you do classic manicure or nail sculpting, this course will help enhance your performance and teach you how to apply only the right techniques.

Learning how to use electric nail drill Magic Gel System is a great decision for your nail career goal. With continuous support, marketing, and training assets, you will have everything that you need to perform the conventional nail art service. We truly think you can achieve your goal with all the support Magic Gel can provide.

Class Information

  • Class Duration: 4 Hours
  • Class Fee: 149 + Tax
  • Class Dates: Nov. 3rd, 2019  (9:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
  • Class Location: 4500 Dixie Rd, Unit 10A-B Mississauga, Ontario, L4W1V7, Canada

Class Features

  • Proper and Safe electric file operation
  • Tips how to make sure applied product does not lift
  • Essential knowledge of different electric file bits

Products Provided

The class includes Magic student nail bit set.

What To Bring

  • ​2 sculpted salon shape nails, not shaped or filed
  • 3 nails with no product on 
  • Electric file
  • UV/LED Lamp
  • Overhead/Table Lamp
  • Cleanser/Wipes/Buffer/Plastic Tips
  • Any other items you might need
  • Willingness to learn and have fun!

Class Instructors

The class is instructed by Megan Taylor, a successful salon Manager. 

Important Notice

Our education courses are available to professionals in the nail & esthetic & spa industry only. Our classes are not recommended for beginners just starting out, but rather for those with some basic professional knowledge/experience.

Should you be unable to pass a class, you will need to pay the class registration fee each time you retake the class to become certified. There is a $50 fee for last-minute cancellations. For hands-on classes, we cannot accommodate models due to classroom space. For nail classes, students work on each other, therefore, please have one hand with natural nails.

The student is required to purchase the listed products to get enrolled in the respective education class and fill in the form at the bottom of this page as well. Also, When you place the order please mention in the comment section that you have purchased the following products to get admission in the required class.

Please Contact us if you have any questions.

Nov, 2019



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