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Free Beauty Aesthetic Online Education Webinar Course Class Supplies SPA Brazilian Waxing

The Only Technique for Brazilian Waxing You'll Ever Need - Sponsored Webinar

Brilliance stays pliable and sets without going brittle. Using only the best ingredients, like hydrogenated resin and titanium dioxide, this wax will help give clients the best result with the least possible discomfort. Brilliance does not cause bleeding, bruising, skin-lifting, or excessive redness, leaving clients’ skin smooth and perfectly hair-free.

The Brilliance wax won the DERMASCOPE award for Best Sensitive Wax 2019!
Using the DERMASCOPE Aestheticians’ Choice Award-winning sensitive hard wax Brilliance, in this sponsored webinar by Caronlab Australia, Caronlab Australia’s head trainer Holly Hayes will show you the mind-blowing Lilliane Caron waxing method including movements like “the Butterfly” and “the Secret Garden.” You’ll learn how to use this extraordinary hard wax to perform a truly professional Brazilian wax treatment that your clients will want to repeat over and over again. Using Brilliance together with the Lilliane Caron technique gives you confidence, as it promises no bleeding, no skin lifting, and no excess redness. Your clients will feel the difference and they may even have a little snooze during their Brazilian!
Apr 22, 2019 4:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

Holly Hayes, Head Trainer @Caronlab Australia

Holly Hayes is the head trainer for Caronlab Australia. Teaching the world-renowned Lilliane Caron technique, she provides aestheticians worldwide with the confidence and skills to perform a truly professional wax treatment that their clients will want to repeat. Having been with the company for over six years, Hayes lives and breathes this unique technique and knows all the ins and outs of the Caronlab waxes and their ingredients. Hayes is passionate about waxing and is well-recognized within the beauty industry as one of its leading trainers. You will find her training is the absolute best!





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