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Demo Day

Like educational classes, demo days are opportunities for professionals in the beauty industry to learn new techniques, get more inspired by possibilities, and learn about the most popular trends. Our host will provide visitors with answers to any questions. The most popular brands could be essential for you to offer top-tier service to your customers using the products. Check out our Beauty Education Listings to find out when is the next demo day coming. Make sure to visit this page every once in a while to find out about the scheduled and upcoming events at our showroom in Mississauga. There's no registration required to attend a demo, but please do not invite family or friends without licenses since they're intended for professionals only. On behalf of all participating vendors, everyone is welcome to join us on Demo Days at our Mississauga Showrooms to collect more information. We would love to meet with you, supply current literature, share fresh ideas, promotional product samples, etc. You will also learn how to use various products from manufacturing companies like CND, Chisel, Caronlab, Magic Gel, and other popular brands in the beauty industry.

Nail Art Demo Day

CND Demo Day

CND Education Ambassador Toni Periatt and other professionals take the honor of hosting the event at our showroom.

Learn how to provide perfectly enhanced nails. Elevate your skill from polishing to enhancing with easy techniques that plump, smooth, provide shape and boost color wear for clients!

Demo Day Highlights

  • CND's new collection release.
  • Upcoming CND product lines and their features and benefits.
  • Enjoy learning with a CND-certified educator.

CND Demo Day

Magic Gel Demo Day

Get ahead like hundreds of nail techs taking advantage of the Magic Gel System to create jaw-dropping art that makes clients euphoric. You will be inspired by impressive spring nail art designs from award-winning nail art educator Liliya Saxon.

Healthier Nail Services Seminar

During the multiple short seminars, you will learn how to perform any salon service without finishing filing, how to refill or rebalance NailGuard, how to match a client's skin to the perfect camouflage shade, and how to perform healthier nail services. 

The seminar schedule is the same for both days, so you are welcome to choose whatever date fits your schedule best. You are also welcome to select specific seminars you want to attend. Seminar admission is entirely free of charge; we ask you to reserve your spot so we can plan the capacity. Reserve your site for a mind-blowing free series of seminars on Healthier Nail Services!  This seminar series takes place on two days with the same schedule.​

Magic Gel Nail Art Demo Day

Caronlab Demo Day

Join the Caronlab demo and hands-on techniques and learn how to take your waxing techniques to the next level. Stop by the table to try out the wax yourself. On that day, you will also meet Allpresan brand producers, the original makers of the foot foam products. You will learn about technology in the foams and how they will help many foot conditions.

Join us this Sunday to learn more about a new eyebrows wax product showcased by Caronlab featuring Browvado Gel Wax. It's an opportunity to see hands-on techniques and learn how to take your eyebrows waxing service techniques to the next level. Stop by the table to try out the wax yourself.

Browvado Event Benefits

  • This luxurious Sculpting Gel Wax gives you unsurpassed control.
  • Perfect for use on the face.
  • Specifically formulated to have gel consistency, which makes it ideal for contouring as it easily wraps around the brows.
  • Stunning holographic appearance with the subtle, comforting scent of honeysuckle and pear.

Caronlab Demo Day | Product Showcase

Chisel Ombre Nail Art Demo Day

Chisel™ is the newest trend in the nail art industry and is still an outstanding product nowadays. With Chisel dipping powder and the nail art stamping toolset, you can create unlimited possibilities for nail art design on acrylic nails or sculptured nails. We invite you to participate in Chisel Demo Day (Dipping Ombre Show) to learn new dipping powder Ombré/ Nail Art Design techniques. Take your salon/spa service to an innovative experience of creativity and inspiration with Chisel.

About Chisel Brand

Chisel brand is a well-known and reliable nail product manufacturing company in the USA and Canada, offering different nail care products in recent years. They offer a wide range of nail products, such as dip nails, acrylic nails, nail polish, Dipping powder nails, liquid, 3D Stamping, edgers, and much more.

Ombre Dipping Powder Demo Day

Voila Demo Day

Join Vicky Filiatrault, a Technical Development Specialist for Voilà to learn about Voilà 3C Intense – the ultra-rich color line with over 100+ shades that guarantees three exceptional results; Coverage, Colour, and Care. With long-lasting high coverage, added hydration, and intense color with unique technology for intense coppers and reds that guarantee deep, sensual highlights with no need for a base shade – Voilà is the color line your clients will want and love. Watch Vicky perform live color demos on mannequin heads and experience the color first-hand!

Vicky Filiatrault - Vicky is a passionate and energetic educator with over 15 years of experience as a stylist and colorist. Having trained internationally with the Revlon Professional™ Global Team and becoming a Global Master herself, she has learned many new collections and techniques that she enjoys sharing with her peers. As a Technical Development Specialist, her specialty is helping stylists turn runway looks into styles their clients will request repeatedly. For Vicky, hairstyling is more than just about hair; it’s about changing our clients’ lives. Vicky says, “I’m always looking for new techniques to push the limits of my comfort zone.”

Hair Styling Demo Day by Voila

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