CND Shellac Advantage

CND Shellac Art-Rageous Education Class

CND Shellac Advantage allows you to become a true CND Shellac Luxe Pro by learning the new "wrap and remove" technique

With so many choices, discover how to build up your gel polish game. Get certified in CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish, CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Gel Polish or BOTH and boost your business. Learn to “wrap and remove” the fear of nail damage…no files needed! You will also get tips & tricks from an expert about saving time with the enhanced application and easily remove it without any nail damage.

Learning how to apply and remove CND Shellac Luxe with the newest techniques is an opportunity for professionals to sharpen their skills. CND and Nails Are Us plan to continually provide the necessary education and supplies for the market to deliver the best nail polish service out there. With the impressive features CND Shellac Luxe caries and the benefit of the Master Painter Certificate, we guarantee your customers' highest satisfaction.

Class Information

  • Class Duration: 4 Hours
  • Class Fee: $25 +tax
  • Class Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018 (1 pm - 5 pm)
  • Class Location: Nails R Us Showroom 4500 Dixie Road, Unit 10A-10B Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1V7, Canada

Class Rewards

  • CND logo apron
  • Window Cling
  • CND™ Shellac Pro Certificate

CND™ SHELLAC™ Certified Pros earn the benefit of being listed at CND Salon Locator. It's your premium way to obtain new customers!

Class Requirements (Attendees Bring)

  • Valid Photo I.D.
  • CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ System: Color Coat, Top Coat
  • CND™ SHELLAC™ System: Base Coat, Color Coat, Top Coat
  • CND™ LED Lamp 
  • SCRUBFRESH™ Nail Surface Cleanser
  • Offly Fast™ Moisturizing Remover
  • CND™ Foil Remover Wraps
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Class Instructor

The class is instructed by Laura Merzetti, a certified CND Education Ambassador. Laura provides expert training to nail professionals, utilizing all of CND's products from Creative Play, Vinylux, Shellac, Brisa and more. She also represents CND at trade shows and has won a Top Choice Award in 2015 for Best Nail Salon in Durham Region.

Important Notice

Our education courses are available to professionals in the nail & esthetic & spa industry only. Our classes are not recommended for beginners just starting out, but rather for those with some basic professional knowledge/experience.

Should you be unable to pass a class, you will need to pay the class registration fee each time you retake the class to become certified. There is a $50 fee for last-minute cancellations. For hands-on classes, we cannot accommodate models due to classroom space. For nail classes, students work on each other, therefore, please have one hand with natural nails.

The student is required to purchase the listed products to get enrolled in the respective education class and fill in the form at the bottom of this page as well. Also, When you place the order please mention in the comment section that you have purchased following products to get admission in the required class.

Please Contact us if you have any questions.




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