CND Brisa™ Gel Skill Building Education Class


Boost your skills with CND Brisa® Gel Products and sharpen up your creativity and application speed.

Take the guesswork out of gel! Perfect the basics of BRISA™ Gel or boost your technique with tips and knowledge from the experts. BRISA™ Gel — odourless, crystal clear and versatile! You'll understand why a proper cure is everything. The result? Durable, gorgeous gel enhancements clients will love!

Course Features You'll Love

  • Earn CND Skill Booster certificate
  • Learn the foundational skills and versatile ways of using BRISA™ Gel
  • Troubleshoot with CND Pros

Master the art of Gel with award-winning BRISA® Gel for clients that need enhanced shape and instant length. Learn the five elements of design, perfect application in single color and forever french and time-saving finishing techniques that create durable, long-lasting enhancements every time. CND and Nails Are Us plan to continually provide the necessary education and supplies for the market to deliver the best nail polish service out there. With the impressive features CND Brisa Gel and the benefit of  Brisa Gel  Master Sculptor Certificate, we guarantee your customers' highest satisfaction.

Class Requirements (Attendees to Bring)

  • CND™ LED Lamp
  • Table set up (table lamp, implements, towels)
  • One hand with natural nails

Products Provided

  • BRISA™ Sculpting Gel (2 colours)
  • BRISA™ Paint (1 colour)
  • BRISA™ Bond
  • BRISA™ Gloss
  • ProSeries Gel Brush Flat Oval #6
  • CND™ Files

Important Notice

You will need to bring: CND UV Lamp OR CND LED Lamp, manicure implements (nail files, nippers, curettes, pushers, orangewood sticks, etc.), CND CuticleAway, nail wipes, 99% isopropyl alcohol, towels and one hand with natural nails (models not permitted).**

Please make sure your products are CND Brand (Lamp in UV or LED) (no substitutes and no sharing), so you can be issued proper certification. These rules come from CND. All products can be found in our store.

We cannot accommodate models. Students work on each other, therefore, please have one hand with natural nails.

Our education courses are available to professionals in the nail & esthetic & spa industry only. Our classes are not recommended for beginners just starting out, but rather for those with some basic professional knowledge/experience.

Should you be unable to pass a class, you will need to pay the class registration fee each time you retake the class to become certified. There is a $50 fee for last-minute cancellations. For hands-on classes, we cannot accommodate models due to classroom space. For nail classes, students work on each other, therefore, please have one hand with natural nails.

The student is required to purchase the listed products to get enrolled in the respective education class and fill in the form at the bottom of this page as well. Also, When you place the order please mention in the comment section that you have purchased the following products to get admission in the required class.

CND Brisa® is trademarks of Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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