Nail Polish and Nail Color Supply

With our huge collections of nail polish, gel colormanicure supplies and the best nail polish brands, we are so confident that Canada's Salon and spa owners will deliver their best fingernail/toenails care and decoration service in Canada.

Nail Polish Brands

Everyone loves brand names, especially when it comes to the beauty industry. Give yourself an equal footing or an edge over your beauty salon competitor by satisfying your clients with Nail Polish, Gel Color from the most famous nail brands in the world. Shop for nail polish by the top-ranked list of nail brands, China Glaze, and Essie Gel.

Nail Polish Colors

Our mission as a business-to-business firm is to equip every salon and spa in Canada with the best and most recent nail polish color that exists. With our comprehensive collections of nail polish, we help companies get established professionally in the beauty industry. Shop beautiful creme, chrome, glitter, shimmer, and metallic nail polish.

Nail Polish Collections

When a nail polish collection is released, that means it's time to get colorful. Browse by the most recent nail collectionsOPI Nail Polish Peru Collection.


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