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OPI Gelcolor Positive Vibes Only 0.5 Fl. Oz. GC N73


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OPI GelColor is ideal for clients looking for a quick service that offers performance with up to 3 weeks of shine-intense wear and stay-true colour. Weeks of glossy colour, available in a multitude of Iconic shades. From deep and edgy, sheer to shimmer. Polishes on fast and LED cures in 30-seconds! OPI’s professional gel polish system is designed to be cured with the OPI Dual Cure Light and fully cures of foundation to finish in 4 minutes per set.

Choose from 350+ shades or find your favourite OPI Lacquer shade matched in GelColor. OPI Gelcolor soak-off gel polish applies just like traditional nail polish but gives your nails a super shiny finish that lasts up to 3 weeks. You can just simply apply the gel-like regular and cure it under a UV or LED lamp for the specified period of time.

Product Features

  • Fast application, Easy-to-use, brush-on formula
  • Long-lasting services
  • Weeks of glossy wear
  • Fast soak-off
  • Ensures easy, 15-minute soak-off with OPI's Expert Touch Removal System
  • Approximately 90 applications per 15mL bottle for a competitively low, cost-per-service price.
  • The Gelcolor application process is very similar to the other soak off gel polishes.

OPI Gelcolor Polish Formula Advantages

  • OPI Gelcolor is produced by the largest manufacturer of nail products in the world.
  • OPI's Gelcolor will last for 3 weeks and is made specifically to fight the normal wear and tear from daily activities.
  • Their formula does not damage the natural nails and will help keep your nails strong and healthy.

How To

How To

How To Make A Perfect OPI Gel Color Application?

  • Preparation
    1. Prepare the nail by using an orangewood stick to push the cuticles back for a clean application of gel
    2. Shape your nails to your style with a natural nail filer (150 grit or higher)
    3. Prepare the natural nail by gently removing the shine using a buffer... lightly buff it to rough up the nail beds
    4. Remove the oils and dust on your nail by using nail cleanser
  • OPI Gelcolor Application
    1. Roll the gelcolor bottle in your hands to mix the contents. Apply a thin even layer of Gel colour Base Coat onto your nail.
    2. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 10 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 1 minute. The top coat will remain tacky/sticky, but this is normal of any soak off gel polish.
    3. Roll the Gelcolor bottle in your hands to mix the contents) Apply a thin even layer of Gelcolor Color coat to your nail. Don't forget to cap the nail edges to create a seal. Make sure you remove any Gelcolor from the skin prior to curing.
    4. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 20 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 2 minutes.
    5. Apply a second coat of Gelcolor colour to the nail.
    6. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 20 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 2 minutes.
    7. Apply a thin even layer of Gelcolor Top Coat onto your nail. The top coat creates a high shine while protecting the gel layers below it from damage. Don't forget to cap the nail edges to create a seal.
    8. Place your hand in an LED Lamp and cure for 20 seconds or UV Lamp and cure for 2 minutes.
    9. Use a liberal amount of alcohol (99%) or gel cleanser with a lint-free pad to remove the tacky/sticky residue from your nail.



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