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Holbein Colors

About Holbein Brand

Holbein is a Japanese company based in Osaka, Japan. Formed at the turn of the century, it took the name of the European artist Hans Holbein the Younger in the 1930s. Holbein has become a supplier for artists around the world, including many in Southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. HK Holbein of Burlington, Vermont, introduced Holbein colour lines to the American market. Holbein is a member of the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI), a world leader in toxicological services to the makers of Artist Materials. One of the world's largest manufacturers of professional art materials. Holbein Acrylic Ink was developed to give artists more options to create artwork suitable for various painting techniques. Acrylic Ink is an acrylic based ink that is highly pigment-saturated as Holbein´s Heavy Bods, but smooth like water and waterproof when dry. Artists will be able to spray even lines with an airbrush, create beautiful calligraphy with a dip pen, make smooth brush strokes, or paint using a marker.

All 48 colours from traditional inorganic pigment to latest organic pigment. Carefully selected colours that are easy to use from among strongly beautiful acrylic colours. It is excellent in light fastness, it becomes durable coating film which does not dissolve in water after drying. Powerful colour development while in liquid state Acrylic [Ink] is a high concentration liquid acrylic paint with high pigment concentration equivalent to that of other Holbein acrylic series. Compared to the case where the acrylic paint with a tube is thinned with water, it is powerfully beautiful colouring without painting.

Adopting a twist cap, there is no need to remove the cap for opening and closing. It is easy to put paint in narrow container and workability is improved. Multiple expressions are possible by using inks together with other Holbein Acrylic series such as Acrylic Colors, Medium, Gesso, Modeling Paste, etc, which can be mixed between Series.

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