All you need to know about PolyGel

What is Polygel?

Polygel is a true hybrid between hard gel and acrylic, created especially for the professional nail technician. Polygel is a product that protects all nail stylists, like acrylic and gel systems, while the hard issues are eliminated when necessary. In other words, Polygel is not an acrylic, neither is a hard gel, in fact, it pretty much combines benefits of both in one innovative system that is undeniably better! Unlike hard gel, PolyGel does not level by itself, but stays where you put it; Unlike acrylics, it does not harden unless it is treated with LED or UV light.

The Most Popular Polygels In The World

Gelish harmony, ibd Beauty and Entity Beauty produces the most demanded polygel in there world.

Gelish PolygelEntity PolygelGelish Polygel

All these three products share the same features

  • Lighter than acrylics and hard gels for natural look and feel.
    Natural, non-toxic, safe for use.
  • More convenient to file its shape than hard gels, you can use a nail art pusher or a brush to apply it.
  • Easy to use, especailly with the professional slip solution and nail tips molds.
  • Ideal for creating your own beautiful nail art design on finger or toe nails.

Why Choose Polygel Instead Of Acrylics?

Polygel base takes the best features of liquid and acrylic powder and LED hard gel in a patented formula that is easy to use. Probably the most annoying thing for nail technicians when working with acrylics is that there’s a very strong smell and that can quite often give people headaches if they are not used to it. Acrylic also creates dust in the air and makes a mess. Some hotels and spas tend to not use acrylic for these reasons. Polygel opens up the possibility for these rooms to offer their nail clients to improve their service because it is free of monomers and turns harder so that it only falls on the table and don’t stay in the air.

Polygel is also very lightweight, much lighter than acrylic, so you can hardly notice using it. This does not mean it is not so strong, in fact, it is stronger than hard gels and much more flexible than acrylic. Polygel base takes the best features of liquid and acrylic powder and LED hard gel in a patented formula that is easy to use.

Facts you need to know about any Polygel product.

  1. Slip is the liquid used to form Polygel. The name was inspired using the slip potters during clay work. Slip is not a monomer; It does not contain the active ingredients and, unlike the acrylic monomer, has a light and pleasant smell. It is simply used to make PolyGel easy to shape.
  2. Unlike hard gel PolyGel does not level by itself, but stays where you put it; Unlike acrylics, it does not harden unless it is treated with LED or UV light.
  3. The drying time is about 30 seconds in the LED light or two minutes in the UV lamp.
  4. PolyGel has no heat spikes during curing. There is no tacky layer after curing.
  5. According to Gelish, PolyGel is softer than acrylic, stronger than hard gel and lighter than both.
  6. The product may be applied as a layer on natural nails, at the point of overlap over a form

How Easy Is It To Work With Polygel?

If you are a nail technician, then the answer is yes. Working with Polygel is very simple and here’s why:

Polygel has putty consistency, so it’s extremely mouldable and the products are pre-mixed, so there’s no liquid to powder ratios to worry about. You can literally grab a tube and you’re ready to start work. If you touch the surface of Polygel, you will notice it is sticky and when applied, so it should be used with a slip solution. It makes the surface smooth, so if you press a brush on it, Polygel will stay, but you can easily manipulate it in the way you want it. It will not move, you can literally put Polygel on the nail and will not change until you cure it. You can work on your own time. That’s the nail technician’s job to do with it!

Polygel Application FAQ

Now that you’ve read about Polygels, you may still have some questions like how long do polygel nails last or where to find polygel nail kit. Read more to find out more.

Do I need LED/UV Light for Polygel?

It is recommended that you use a Gelish 18g / 36W LED light as Polygel is manufactured to be cured all the way through at a wavelength of 395-405 nanometers. You can use another brand of LED lights provided it is 36 W and has a valid wavelength of 395-405 nanometers. We do not recommend using UV light with Polygel.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Polygel?

With practice, the application can last for one colour between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Normal, set of roses and white can last 2 hours from start to finish. It’s a very fast service, which means you can apply for more customers in one day!

How Long Does Polygel Last?

If properly applied, Polygel usually lasts 21 days before a nail salon maintenance is required.

How to remove PolyGel From Nails?

It’s a completely buff-off system. It should be filed down to 10% to leave a protective layer on the nail.

Is PolyGel bad For Your Nails?

No, Polygel is not bad or harmful for your nails, in fact, Polygel accompanying with a flawless manicure service can give your nails a fabulous, long-lasting look, as long as it is performed properly.

PolyGel Education Resources

Here are some useful links that help you learn the most about Polygel and how to use it like a pro:

Most Popular Polygel Products for Nail Salon

The most demanded and host selling Polygel for nail salons in Canada are:

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