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How To Eliminate Gel Nail Lifting With Magic Gel

No More Lifting Eliminate the Biggest Cause of Client Dissatisfaction You won’t have to worry any longer about fitting a client with a lifted nail into a packed schedule or having to talk to someone who is angry or disappointed due to lifting. Plus, once you solve clients’ lifting issues, you will get clients for […] ... Read More

Caronlab Wax Heater Cut The Cord Exchange Program

Caronlab Wax Heating System Designed to hold Caronlab Australia’s Revolutionary Microwavable 800g Hard & Strip Wax Jars. There’s no mess or fuss! Caronlab’s Professional Wax Heater uses patented technology to provide your salon with a simple and convenient wax heating solution. Wax Heater Cut the Cord Exchange Program With any $125 purchase of Caronlab waxes, […] ... Read More

Magic Gel Nail Guard

New Healthier Choice Start doing faster and healthier nails with NailGuard™. New rubber silicone base soaks off system will give you 3 level of service and protection – gel manicures, natural nail overlay and sculpting. ✓ No filing after sculpting ✓ Perfect adhesion✓ 8 camouflage colours✓ Clear builder in a bottle✓ Great for damaged / thin nail plates Be design ready  ... Read More

All You Need To Know About OPI Tokyo Collection

The Tokyo Collection features 12 new shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Long-Wear Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas. With a nod to Tokyo’s status as a trendsetter, the collection includes a new take on millennial pink with dusty rose shades featuring tones of lavender and lilac (Rice Rice Baby, Another Ramen-tic Evening, Arigato from Tokyo, Hurry-juku Get this Color!). Rich hues inspired by nature from matcha ... Read More

All You Need To Know About Control Gel Application

ABOUT CONTROL GEL Control Gel is an LED/UV gel that is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients that make Control Gel unique. Control Gel is fast and easy to use in that it cures on command, is lightly self-levelling, and is soft and pliable upon application which makes it easy to control. Control […] ... Read More

The Differences Between Them Nail Files & Nail Buffers

There is no significant difference between nail files and nail buffers, but the presence of grits and the usage preference. Continue reading in this article to learn everything you need to know about nail files and nail buffers. The information below are intended for nail technical and nail art artists. We will demonstrate the details […] ... Read More

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish developed a few years back and got popularity among people surprisingly. Everything has its good and bad effects; same way gel nail polish has some good impact as well as harmful. This article will help you decide to go for gel nail polish or not depending on what you expect from the […] ... Read More

Chisel Nail Art – Brand & Product Line Discuss

Provide the Best Nails Service and Learn All you need to know about Chisel Nail Art. ... Read More

What Are The Best Nail Polish Brands In Canada

The question: which nail polish brand is the best for my salon in Canada? Short answer: honestly, there’s no straight forward answer for this question, since some brands focus on a specific feature where other brands may focus last longer and have a good finish on providing more colour shades in different formulas. Besides, some […] ... Read More

All you need to know about PolyGel

What is Polygel? Polygel is a true hybrid between hard gel and acrylic, created especially for the professional nail technician. Polygel is a product that protects all nail stylists, like acrylic and gel systems, while the hard issues are eliminated when necessary. In other words, Polygel is not an acrylic, neither is a hard gel, in […] ... Read More

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