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Ardell Magnetic MegaHold Liner & Lash Kit - 054 Black 61235




Ardell Magnetic MegaHold Liner & Lash Kit - 054 Black 61235 let you create dashing eyes anytime and anywhere you need to! Ardell’s Magnetic Mega hold Liner and Lash kit contains your Magnetic Mega hold Lashes in 054 and Duo’s Line It Lash It in intense black shade. This set allows you to fashion up your eye makeup from which to apply, how to apply it, and to making it holds your look for long hours. Offers unshakable hold even through happy tears, sweat, and even sudden movements! Plus, the magnetic lash liner works double as a black eyeliner so you won’t have to worry about stuffing more into your make-up!

Ardell Magnetic MegaHold Features

  • Undeniably fail-safe hold using Ardell’s Magnetic Band technology!
  • The lashes feature magnetic coverage from end to end, so you can have stunning lashes that hold tight without any visible magnets.
  • Easy to trim for the best fit for your eyes.
  • Flexible contour fits your eyes without any discomfort.
  • Provides an all-day (or all-night!) grip to your lashes so you can enjoy long-lasting lashed eyes and look at whatever you have for the day!
  • These naturally tapered and mid-length lashes will brighten up your regular lash makeup.
  • The delicately layered and woven strands aid in creating the perfect sense of depth and highlighting the natural shape of your eyes.
  • Will make your eyes appear more attractive without dominating their inherent beauty. It's ideal for those who prefer natural makeup and days when their lashes are fuller!
  • With just a blink of your eye, you can get a dramatic look!
  • The strips include shorter lash fibers in the inner and outer corners and longer ones in the middle, producing a broader and more open-eye look that's excellent for a light and breezy look on a bright day!
  • The most flattering lash style for hooded, deep-set, and wide-set eyes! With only a single blink of the eye, create a dramatic and 'notice-me' look!
  • Putting on fake lashes is as simple as putting on eyeliner!
  • Ardell's Magnetic Mega hold in 054 and Duo's Line It Lash It Magnetic Eyeliner in black are included in this package of lash necessities.
  • In just two steps, you may have a dazzling pair of full eyelined eyes.
  • Apply the lashes and use the black eyeliner to create stronger, more dramatic eyes.
  • The strips do not use adhesive.
  • Using magnetic technology the eyeliner strengthens the grip.
  • Works with magnets! Even lash newbies will be able to pull off any look!



  1. Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit. Trim the outer end if required.
  2. Apply two coats of DUO Line It Lash It along the upper lash line.
  3. Apply lashes on semi-wet liner and gently press down to secure.

Magnetic MegaHold Lash REMOVAL: Gently peel off lashes and remove liner residue from the band. Store in tray for reuse. To remove liner, gently wipe an oil-based makeup remover over closed eyelids until clean.

CARE: To extend the life of these lashes, store lashes in tray when not in use.

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